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While we understand that it's imperative to lift the living standards of the people living in the rural areas,G.R.I.D. firmly believes that this could be achieved through connecting the people to the source of 'light'. It's important to realize that electricity has a direct consequence on the living conditions, security and social patterns of the people, the lack of it leads to utter darkness and dejection.
G.R.I.D. aims at providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to the areas which do not have access to electricity.

These villages essentially are the ones which have not been electrified for various reasons such as lack of infrastructure, access and investment.G.R.I.D. through its research unit identifies the un-electrified villages and conducts a detailed assessment in the identified villages. The assessment forms the basis of the technical intervention necessary for providing electricity in the identified communities.

G.R.I.D. works on a participatory model which involves the villagers at various levels of the project intervention. This is achieved through the formation of 'Village Electrification Committee' (VEC) which consists of the members from villages, thus ensuring accountability on part of the community.

Besides providing electricity, G.R.I.D. also aims at intervening on the development fronts in order to raise the living standards of the people. The development interventions are strategized in complete accordance with the needs of the community and vary from one community to another community.


G.R.I.D. is starting it's first phase of implementation in the following areas in India.Details on this will follow soon.Watch this space for updates.


Located at about 230 kms away from Delhi in the district Kasganj and block Amanpur, both the villages do not have access to electricity. Khushalpur and Jasupura are located at a distance of about two kilometers from each other, and share a primary school, Gram Panchayat and village hall. The villages consist of 300 households in total, with primary livelihood activity of the villagers being agriculture and farming. The closest place that gets electricity from the national g.r.i.d. is Sarsaivan village, which is located about two kilometers away from the project site. The village is rural in nature and also lacks access to basic amenities.

District Ghuna,Madhya Pradesh

District Ghuna is amongst the 50 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Area: 6485 sq. km.
Population Density:194 inhabitants per square km
Population Growth Rate(2001-2011):26.91%
Sex Ratio:910 females for every 1000 males
Literacy Rate:65.1%.